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What We Do

At Tyr Technologies, we take great pride in delivering best-in-class technology and support services to meet the needs of our clients. Among our many product offerings, Tyr Technologies delivers high-quality technology support solutions and training through remote and onsite options, providing the ultimate experience that is truly convenient and flexible for individuals or business enterprise needs.  

We believe that the key to an efficient and improved life or successful business starts with the right foundational tools and knowledge. Tyr Technologies is dedicated to leading a transformation of how individuals and businesses operate to reach their maximum potential, by supporting them with all of their technology service and training needs.


Remote Support

We provide remote support offerings that are simple, cost-effective and convenient to meet all of your business or individual needs, virtually.

Onsite Support

Comprehensive and live support services from our team of experts that are guaranteed to resolve any issues or meet any specific needs to keep you moving.


We offer a suite of training opportunities that enable individuals of all skill levels to become more knowledgeable and apply best technology practices to all elements of their work.

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